Something new to try ... taken from this article:

Minimalist Journaling: A Fun and Effective Tool for Tremendous Habit Change


  1. Draw a square in the morning
  2. Write today's unique day number in the square
    1. Note: for demo purposes, I used Jan 1, 2018 rather than my birthday
  3. Write the time I woke up (today's box) and the time I went to bed last night (yesterday's box)
  4. Remember that today is unique and will never happen again


  1. In the evening, record what I want to remember from the day
  2. Things to track in clockwise order from top left:
    1. Calories: track if I go over in calories
      • up arrow = over calories; down arrow = under calories
    2. Physical activity: track what type of physical activity done
      • R = run, W = walk (or hike), S = swim, O = other
    3. Empty for future use
    4. Meditation: track days that I meditate
        • = meditated
    5. Reading: track rough number of minutes spent reading a book or kindle
      • number of minutes (use 15min increments for ease)
    6. Animal products: track days without animal products
      • \ = no meat; / = no cheese; X = vegan day