Use the following steps to properly create a task in Todoist

  1. Start task with ACTION VERB
  2. Give task priority based on Eisenhower Matrix:
    1. p1 = important and urgent (needs to get done before other things)
    2. p2 = important not urgent (should get done before other things)
    3. p3 = urgent not important (should get done soon, but maybe find somebody else to do?)
    4. p4 = not important or urgent
  3. Give a due date IF the task MUST get done on or before that date (give the actual due date)
  4. Give one of the following projects
    1. #PERSONAL - all tasks relating to home life; give related tags if needed:
      1. GOALS - related to long term or short term goals
      2. Areas of Focus - related to specific area of focus
        1. HOA
        3. BLOG
      3. TRAINING - furthering skills or knowledge (also applicable to WORK project)
    2. #WORK - all tasks relating to work life; give related tags:
      1. CORPORATE - related to company
      2. CONTRACT - related to customer
    3. #SOMEDAY - things not to lose track of, but don't need to get done anytime soon; review these weekly
    1. @FOCUS - anything to do today
    2. @QUEUE - review these first for tomorrow's "focus" list during nightly review
    3. @waiting - need something from somebody else
    4. @routine - things that are done with some repetition